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This is Gordon Ramsay like you’ve never experienced. The seven-star Michelin chef takes you into his home kitchen to learn everything from kitchen setup and buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes. In this MasterClass, you’re not just learning recipes, you’re learning how to take your cooking to the next level.

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Go inside Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Take your cooking to the next level in 20 exclusive video lessons.

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Southern Indian Fish Curry

This is a lightly spiced, creamy curry with a delicately sweet-and-sour flavour that is popular in the southern regions of India. Serve it with boiled basmati or brown rice for a perfectly balanced pre-exercise meal.

California ‘fried’ chicken sandwich

This recipe is brilliant because it looks and tastes like a fried chicken sandwich, but is actually made with baked chicken and a yoghurt dressing. Try this new ‘Ultimate Fit Food’ dish for yourself at Heddon Street Kitchen.

Carrot cake macaroons

These are the coconut macaroons of my childhood, updated to taste a lot like carrot cake but without all that butter icing. When cake is off the menu, have a couple of these to keep the sweet cravings at bay.

Cheesecake in a jam-jar

Almost as naughty as a regular cheesecake, but the almonds in the base and the Greek yoghurt mixed into the topping mean that it’s a more nourishing version! Try this ‘Ultimate Fit Food’ dish yourself at Heddon Street and Bread Street Kitchen.

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